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Imagine, for a moment, a place where students can get real-world, hands on learning inside and outside of the classroom. A place where STEAM lessons and student driven problem solving, critical thinking, entrepreneurship and leadership, moves from practice and theory to implementation. A place where education provides not only these vital competencies, but the soft skills of teamwork, collaboration and community involvement. That place is St. Andrew’s Episcopal Academy.

Founded in 1970, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Academy has offered a world class, transformative education, paving the path to success for generations of students. We prepare, inspire and empower students from PreK-2 through 12th grade.

Wear Blue to say Thank You

Thanking our healthcare heroes, 1st responders and essential workers

St. Andrew's Episcopal Academy has come together to Wear Blue to say Thank You to our healthcare heroes, 1st responders and the essential workers that we have been able to lean on during these challenging times. Our hearts are full of gratitude. Thank you to our neighbors, friends, school families and those we have yet to meet who have performed extraordinary work in our community.


The essence of a St. Andrew’s education goes beyond pure academics. We ignite the passion within each student to strive for achievement in their areas of strength, while at the same time continually exposing them to new experiences and opportunities both in and out of the classroom. Our personalized admission process allows you to explore the academy, meet teachers and current students. We offer opportunities for prospective students to spend a day with us and shadow in and out of the classroom.


At St. Andrews Academy, our students, through responsibility at every level, learn to internalize, apply, and have a solid understanding of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math). They are challenged to find solutions to problems – and in the process learn the benefits of working in a group – performing as a team with rotating assignments and leadership, as well as specialized roles based upon individual skill sets. Our students are encouraged to try something untested, creative and bold. Success often comes from unexpected places.