Spiritual Life

From the winds of God, I set sail.


We take seriously our commitment to educate the whole child. At the heart of this commitment is the development of a child’s faith in God. In an increasingly secular world, St. Andrew’s stands apart. While other public and private schools can offer a good education, St. Andrew’s is different because we are unashamedly and robustly a Christian school within the Episcopal Church, with important spiritual ties to St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Academy is known for its values of acceptance and openness, People of non-Christian faiths are encouraged in their own faith tradition, and we do not try to convert them. We believe that non-Christian students will benefit from an understanding of the Christian faith, which is the majority religion of our culture and has formed the religious template of our nation. Our focus on Christian doctrines that are universally believed among all Christians, our requirements of mandatory Christian education and worship for all students, our prayer in the classroom, our spirit of open inquiry, service, and diversity…all of these flow from our understanding of what it means to be a Christian school within the Episcopal Church. This deeply Christian environment is maintained by Christian leaders. The Rector (pastor) of St. Andrew’s Church has authority over the spiritual direction of the Academy, including Christian Education, Worship, and Character Education. The Head of School is a committed, practicing Christian. The Chaplain teaches Christian Education and leads most of the chapel services. Our entire staff embraces and supports our identity as a Christian school.


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